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Jeste li znali….

…da su u srednjovjekovnoj Francuskoj nevjerne žene bile tjerane da gole naganjaju kokoši po gradu? …da je Paris dobio ime po Parisiima, keltskom plemenu iz trećeg stoljeća prije Krista ? …da je u...

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The Very Secret Diary of Sauron

Dedicated to John, the sweetest loveliest guy who was ever hacked by a complete loser. And Alex, because he’s been sick. I mean ill. Oh, whatever. Day One: Dirty weekend with Elrond turned sour when I told him purple was...

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The Very Secret Diary of Elrond

Was in weird mood when I wrote this one. Oh, my head. Poor Elrond. Day 1: Bad breakup with Isildur. As if the pervy hobbit-fancying wasn’t bad enough, he would insist on wearing tacky gold jewelry against my advice....

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The Very Secret Diary of Gollum

I have not bothered with Gollum’s weird speech because it does not fit with the VSD style. Complaints about lack of canon accuracy can be sent to The Management. 😀 Dedicated to Emily, the much put-upon. Damn, hell looks a...

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